Be strong and Courageous

A Church That Stands On Truth

Welcome new visitors to Oakwood Baptist Church in Cynthiana Kentucky.  We are so glad you are here.  It is our hope that you will find encouragement, hope and inspiration from the information provided.  Oakwood is a church built on the foundation of biblical truth.  We strive to be a place where people from all walks of life can be comfortable attending our services just as you are, and leave being filled with abundant strength for your journey.

 Ministry At Oakwood

We have many projects that can always use a helping hand or two! As we work to grow and revitalize the church, we realize more needs to be done to accommodate the growth!
Oakwood is always looking for members to join the praise and worship team. If you feel lead to sing or play in the band, there is a place for you!
We firmly believe that the future of the church depends on our children being taught the Word of God. If you feel lead to share Jesus Christ with the children of Cynthiana we would love to talk to you!
We must not fail to share the love of God with our youth and young adults. If you’re interested in building the future leaders of the church and growing young relationships with God, come see us.

Our Mobile App

Oakwood Baptist Church (OBC) now has a mobile app that you can use to listen to our audio, video and support your church with online donations. This app will allow us to communicate with you about upcoming events and activities.  We will also inform you on ways you can get involved with us on the journey to reach Cynthiana Kentucky and beyond with the gospel of JESUS Christ.  We stand together on truth!  The app is now available for download!

A special note to all Apple users: Due to the way the App Store works, you will be directed to the sharefaith app. Once installed you will search that app for ‘Oakwood Baptist’ and it will pull all of our info into the app!
We are located at the intersection of Pleasant Street and Ridgeway Oakwood Drive in Cynthiana Kentucky.  
104 Ridgeway Oakwood Drive
Cynthiana Kentucky. 41031
Phone 859-234-3257
Oakwood Bulletin
For up to date information on upcoming events and activities it’s always a good idea to get a weekly bulletin.  If you forgot one or you didn’t get to be with us this week then request your copy today.
Oakwood Fellowship
I often describe our church as a family of faith.  We encourage people to come as they are.  Our whole desire is to bring people closer to a personal, life changing experience with our Lord JESUS Christ.  Once you know HIM, everything changes!  We would love to have you journey with us. God bless you